How to Win FREE Cannabis Seeds

Win Free Marijuana Seeds

Learn how to win free cannabis seeds at this massive marijuana seed giveaway contest that runs non-stop thru 2019. (2020 update: there are a lot of free seeds being given away during the Seedsman 420 promo, check it out!)

Are you searching for how to win free weed seeds? While most cannabis seed banks give away free seeds with every order, we will describe a way to win free seeds without even placing an order.

For all marijuana enthusiasts who own a camera (even a phone camera will do) you should join us in entering the Seedsman Photo Cup, which runs non-stop until the end of 2019. The best part about this massive free seed and cash giveaway is you don’t need to be a customer to join – anyone who submits their weed photos is able to win a range of marijuana-related prizes given away throughout the year including lots of cash and tons of cannabis seeds.

free marijuana seeds giveaway competition
Enter in now for the Seedsman Photo Cup

All you have to do to become eligible to win is submit your own pictures of cannabis plants, buds, leaves… any photography that includes marijuana in one shape or another.

How Are the Winners Chosen?

The Seedsman Photo Cup is unique in the way they have it split up into two ways to win:

1 way to win being the Judges’ Cup, led by cannabis experts including the world famous Jorge Cervantes. Your photos are judged on image quality, creativity, setting, etc.

Judges for the Seedsman Photo Cup

2 being the People’s Cup, judged upon by you, your friends and anyone else who likes your pics on the upload page.

Vote for The Winners of the Free Seed Giveaway Cannabis Photo Competition

Every two months is another prize draw date – the winners are chosen, their photos displayed on the Photo Cup website and prizes given accordingly. Link to Voting Page.


What Are the Prizes?

We have put together this spreadsheet to clearly show the gifts given away to winners of the Seedsman Photo Cup at each prize draw date. Link to Spreadsheet.

cannabis seed competition prize draw sheet

Competition Guidelines

Seedsman Photo Cup Banner

For the Seedsman Photo Cup the guidelines are simple:

  1. You own the pics – As long as you own the photos you plan to enter in the competition, the possibilities are endless whether the pictures are your homegrown cannabis plants, a friends garden or even old historic photos of cannabis plants. You could take seedling photos, vegetative or bloom pictures, bud shots of the finished product, an entire weed garden, or how about getting creative and incorporating different lighting or backdrops into your cannabis photography?
  2. Use high-quality images – The judges are selecting winners by picture quality aspects first. While nothing beats a big garden full of the dank, capturing the magical qualities on camera is often the main challenge. In order to win you want the photos to be immaculate, so your chances of winning might go up if you use a good DSLR or anything that can take large high-quality images.
  3. Review the terms and conditionsLink to the Terms and Conditions. Summarized in brief, the competition rules state that no purchase is required to enter or win, that you must be 18 years or older to enter, the valid entry dates (20/03/2019 – 20/11/2019), and the detailed rules and legal information regarding the Photo Cup.
  4. Enter in your photos – Ready to enter now? Great! We have embedded the official sign-up form for the Seedsman Photo Cup below.

Seedsman Photo Cup 2019 Grand Prize Entry

For more information or support visit the Photo Cup Page.

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